Miss Bikini New Zealand is a swimsuit beauty pageant - show, aimed at showcasing the beauty of New Zealand women.

With at least three preliminary competitions/heats each year, followed by a Grand Final, the ultimate winner is selected.

The winner of Miss Bikini New Zealand is sent overseas to an International beauty pageant.

The contestant will be away for over 2 weeks, competing against 60+ countries. Her personality, tenacity, patience and ambition is tested. She will come back as stronger person and model.

Generally New Zealand is not known for it’s bikini competitions, modeling achievements or high success in beauty pageants, as much as other countries. New Zealand’s (Kiwi) culture places a lot of emphasis on it’s agriculture and sports. Wikipedia defines New Zealand culture as based on "rugby, racing and beer". Many New Zealanders either play or support their local rugby team and the All Blacks are national icons. Some have argued that rugby is the national religion!

The women in New Zealand are glorified more for their educational and athletic ambitions and achievements than their beauty, personality and/or modelling achievement.
Miss Bikini NZ focuses both on the girls inner and outer beauty.

Competitions like Miss Bikini NZ and other beauty pageants do a lot for young women. They help them develop themselves further as models and as individuals, to help them reach their full potential. They help with their self-esteem and confidence levels. They teach them how to carry themselves as beautiful women, how to take care of their appearance on and off stage. Some competitions teach the models how to speak in public in front of a large audience and involve charity work.

For Miss Bikini NZ, interested contestants all go through a selection process, where they are carefully coached on how to perform at the competitions, how to better themselves in all  aspects.

We take all the positives out of Fashion, Swimsuit and Beauty Pageants and combine these into one big, spectacular National show!


Director - Katrina Turner
022 065 9775
PR Manager - Nela Zisser
022 122 1802

PA - Contestant Manager - Aska Lai
021 163 7712

Model Scout - Peter Wang
021 155 2755